Friday, June 27, 2008

Watch Pacquiao vs Diaz

Watch Pacquiao vs Diaz full fight using stream viewer 1.05. You cannot watch the fight on Youtube because it will ban the account by HBO.

Download stream viewer 1.05 to stream Pacquiao vs Diaz full fight. Once installed, enter 6546513 on the address bar to watch it for free.

This is a must see. Although, my prediction is that Pacquiao will knock out Diaz in 8th round. Diaz will have difficulties dealing with Pacman's power. Diaz will hit the canvass, too late realizing that it was a devastating blow from Pacman.

I'm not a biased Filipino fan. Diaz can put up a good fight but i don't think he can stand up the beating for 12 rounds. The odds are greater with Diaz. Anyway, i hope he fights Hatton and move on to 140+ pounds. That would be great and he can be considered a boxing legend for having 6 championship belts.

After this fight, all you guys better stop bitching about the results because it won't change a thing to whom is a better fighter. I want to see Pacquiao fight every best fighter in the world.

Watch Pacquiao vs Diaz for now. That's all i can say. Peace out!